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We offer effective treatment for a range of problems including common issues such as low back and neck pain. Our skilled, highly qualified practitioners are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and are eager to help and advise you.

We love being part of the local community in Dulwich.  Helen, Lucy, Gina and I do our utmost to help our patients feel fighting fit and get out of pain as quickly as possible.  We are quite ‘structural’ osteopaths which means we use a combination of massage, stretching, joint articulation and some manipulation to help your body recover from whatever it’s going through.  Our treatment is always tailored to you personally.  If you’re new to osteopathy and have any questions that you’d like answered before booking an appointment please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help in whatever way we can.

Hollie Carter, Practice Principal

Never seen an Osteopath before?
Treatment is safe and tailored to you specifically.
We will take a thorough case history from you, examine the problem fully and decide on a diagnosis for your complaint.
Osteopaths use a variety of techniques involving stretching, massage and manipulation to get your body working optimally.
We will advise you on how to keep pain-free.  We can also communicate with your GP if needed to make sure you’re getting the right care at the right time.
West Dulwich Osteopaths
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It couldn’t be easier to book an appointment with an Osteopath using our online booking facility.  We are available throughout the week including some evenings and weekends to suit you.

Our practice is conveniently located on the south circular between West Dulwich and Tulse Hill stations, with free parking on Rosendale Road and several bus stops near by.

Low Back & Neck Pain

Low back pain affects 80% percent of us at some time in our lives.  It can affect anyone of any age, often the result of a muscle strain or spinal joint sprain. Occasionally problems with your neck or back give rise to pain, tingling or numbness in your arm or leg.  Our Osteopaths will help you understand the cause of your back pain and provide treatment to speed up your recovery.  Using massage, articulation of the joints and occasionally manipulation (if appropriate) we can get your spine working as healthily as possible.

Manual therapy is recommended for low back pain by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) – read the guidelines here.

Knee & Hip Pain

The knees are major weight-bearing joints and are one of the most frequently injured areas of the body.  They are particularly susceptible to sporting injury as many skiers and footballers will testify!  Pain in these large joints can be debilitating, but most knee problems recover well with the right advice and treatment.  Even the aching and stiffness of arthritis can be eased with osteopathic care.  Osteoarthritis is also a very common problem in the hip and osteopathic treatment alongside the right sort of exercise can be effective in keeping you active and comfortable.

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder pain can result from a number of problems including rotator cuff overuse or injury, frozen shoulder and degenerative conditions.  It can limit how well we can use our arm in everyday activities.  It can also make it really difficult to get a comfortable night’s sleep!  More so than other areas of the body, problems here can take a long time to settle.  Osteopathic treatment can help you during this period. In addition to physically treating the area with massage and stretching we will also recommend exercises to get the most out of your shoulder whilst it recovers.

Ankle & Foot Injury

Are you recovering from an ankle sprain or suffering with achilles pain or plantar fasciitis?  As osteopaths we take a holistic view of the way your ankles and feet are working.  We look at your lifestyle and the mechanics of your whole body to establish why you are having problems.  This helps us make the best decisions about how to help you recover.  We can make recommendations on the right footwear or changes to your lifestyle to improve your healing.  

West Dulwich Osteopaths

At West Dulwich Osteopaths our aim is to help you feel pain-free, flexible and strong. Don’t let pain interrupt your life!  Let us guide you out of discomfort and back to the things you enjoy.
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