Sports Massage

Sports massage helps to alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. It speeds up recovery from minor injuries that follow overexertion or overuse, and also helps to prevent those niggly injuries that can get in the way of your performance or achievement. This applies to everyone, from competing triathletes to once-a-week joggers.

Maintenance massage

Regular massage based on a plan tailored to your particular problem can help you keep on top of a recurring or chronic issue, as well as minimise risk of injury whilst training for an event.

Event massage

Pre-event treatment supplements your own warm-up, enhancing circulation and reducing last-minute tensions and restrictions. Post-event massage helps to flush out stiff and aching muscles and aid your recovery process.


Even with preventative treatment, occasionally muscles may cramp or tear. Massage can speed up your healing and reduce pain in this recovery period.  We can advise on returning to exercise.

Can I have a sports massage if I don’t do sport?

Contrary to its name, sports massage is not just for sports people. Those in physical jobs or under particular stress can benefit from this relatively firm treatment. One of the primary reasons people consult us for massage is for aches related to the postural stress of desk work.

A sports massage is typically a firm style of massage which takes a direct approach to problem areas.  It involves a combination of compression, friction, trigger point therapy and stretching.  These techniques help decongest your overworked and tight muscles, flushing them with blood which is essential for good health and recovery.   As with many styles of treatment you may be sore for 24-48 hours after a sports massage – this is normal and best helped by keeping moving and drinking lots of water!  After that time you should feel the benefits of the massage.

What does sports massage involve?

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